Hazards of Dog Fleas In The Dog Park

August 18, 2009

in Cat Health

My neighborhood has a great dog park. Every Saturday, my dog and I head to the local coffee shop and then directly to the dog park. My dog knows exactly where we are going and is on autopilot every Saturday morning. I love the dog park in the spring time. My dog relishes the new smells and exploring puddles. I let him get as dirty as he pleases and I just hose him down once we get home. We both understand that the hose is a necessary part of springtime at the dog park.

We both enjoy our weekend routine – my dog gets lots of exercise and socialization, and I enjoy my coffee and do some socialization of my own. It’s a great break for both of us. Unfortunately there are several times during the year that it seems inevitable that my dog would come home with fleas. I wouldn’t really notice at the time, but through the week I’d notice some scratching, and think ‘oh no, fleas again’.

After I started to notice a connection with having fleas and going to the dog park, we stopped going to the dog park. The reaction was not well thought out. After a few months of avoiding the dog park, I seemed to notice that my dog was gaining weight and was generally a bit slower getting off the couch. I was feeling pretty guilty about boycotting the dog park so perhaps my eyes were playing tricks on me. I decided we would go back to the dog park.

Before I took the chance on having the fleas come right back, I decided to do some research about how I could prevent the fleas from coming home with us. I talked to my dog groomer, or as I like to call him, my dogs stylist. I trust that she sees all sorts of dog problems, and needing to deal with them on a daily basis he has already done the medical research on the best treatments for various skin and fur conditions. I said that I would prefer a natural flea remedy. She suggested garlic of all things.

So I just started simply by adding a bit of garlic to my dogs food every day. Having garlic absorbed into the blood stream makes my dogs blood and extremely unappetizing meal for fleas. Once they detect the garlic, they avoid my dog like a vampire turned back with a cross. As added protection, I also spray a citronella based insect repellent (mosquito spray) on my dog before we go out, and this seems to help a great deal as well.

Fleas can be a nuisance. If you are going to bring your dog to places where they can socialize with other dogs, fleas are going to be a problem. Fortunately getting rid of fleas naturally and all natural flea repellents are safe and easy to apply.

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