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July 16, 2018

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House pets like dogs and cats, and horses that are in daily contact with their owners. are much more amenable to receiving psychic healing than are their wild cousins who are necessarily fixated on rustling up their next meal and finding a safe place to sleep.

My purpose in starting up the Healapet Network in 1998 was have a free venue that could be accessed by pet owners whose pets needed healing attention. The response to my requests for volunteer healers was quite rewarding. To date those volunteer healers have helped thousands of pets. Mostly dogs and cats with a few requests for horses. Occasionally we get a request for an exotic like baby elephant or a chimpanzee. That our healing work has helped is regularly borne out by the e-mails from grateful owners.

The measure of effectiveness of distance healing is not the same as medical healing. We are not doctors. We cannot heal broken bones for example. What psychic healing can do however is provide an optimum condition in which the healing takes place. A good psychic healer can provide a calming effect on the animal along with the easing of pain and suffering. The healer will also provide additional energy to help speed up the recovery process.

We do get reports of a miraculous recovery or a completely unexpected turnaround of a pet’s condition; whether these are real or fancied, I can’t say and I certainly would not take any credit for them. In the years I’ve been doing distance healing work, I have grown to know that I’m just a small scene in a vast scenario.

The majority of the Healapet Network’s volunteers are Reiki practitioners, Level 2 or Masters. Some of them are truly gifted healers. We also have those who heal soley through prayer, others are spiritual healers that have graduated from the NFSH in Great Britain. Although I am a Reiki Master, usually I just practice the same method I started with in 1981. That’s the Seventh Sense Method originated by Benjamin Bibb in the 1960′s. It’s a clean, simple method devoid of symbols, secret words, etc. And yes, I was around back then, I’m 79.

This is not to denigrate Reiki, prayer, spiritual or any other distance healing method. Far from it. Whatever works is my motto.

Two questions usually come to the minds of those who are unfamiliar with distance healing, also known as remote healing.

1. What does the term distance healing mean and just what is it?

2. How is it done?

It is not possible in an article of this length to give full answers to those questions, but here are my own Readers Digest versions.

Basically distance healing is the transmission of healing energy and thoughts from me to you over a distance that can range from the next room to halfway around the world. The distance is of no matter.

Every healer of any experience will have an explanation, but the actual hard truth is that no one knows. For who knows the mind of God, or of the Universal Intelligence by whatever name.

While I don’t dwell on how or what happens in a healing by any modality, my belief is that a benign Being I call it the Universal Intelligence, you might call it God or Supreme Being, provides us with a source of Life Force Energy which we can tap into. A healer simply provides a conduit for the energy to flow to the subject to help him heal.

Can you do distance healing by making the necessary telepathic contact with your pet? Yes, if you want to take the time to learn and practice. Meanwhile here is something to try. I picked this up a long time ago, I think it may have been from one of Stuart Wildes’ books.

It’s probably late at night, you are lying awake, and you can hear a dog barking in the distance. Not an excited barking, but more of a barking for the sake of barking. Go to your alpha level (your day-dreaming state) and let a mental picture of the dog form in your mind.

In your mind’s eye, start gently petting the dog, stroking from its head to its shoulders, perhaps mentally assuring him it’s okay, he’s not alone, etc. Quite often you’ll find the dog stops barking, sometimes with a rising inflection in the last bark. Congratulations, you’ve made contact!

About the author: Red Reed has been involved in ESP and other aspects of psychic phenomena since 1953. He started practicing psychic healing in 1981 and has since founded The Distant Healing Network in 1996 and later the Healapet Network in 1998. Healing requests may be made at either of these sites. These healing services are completely free.

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