Healing your Pet with Kombucha Tea

November 19, 2014

in Cat Health

Kombucha tea is an ancient health food product known throughout the world. Used most often as a general elixir, did you know that Kombucha is a wonderful, natural health product for your pets as well?

One of the conditions that dogs can experience is called hot spots. This is annoying and painful for your dog. Kombucha has been used on these bald spots on dogs to soothe and promote healthy tissue.

Tumors are becoming more common in dogs as well. Many vets can provide a common test to see if it is just a “fatty tumor” and then they say “live with it, or have it surgically removed”. You can add a teaspoon to a tablespoon to your dogs water each day. Many report more energy and better bowels, and diminishing size of tumors.

Most animals age much faster than people, and we must watch as they transition from healthy and active to slower movement. Kombucha tea was carried by Japanese soldiers as an elixir to give energy in battle. You can give your pet Kombucha in their drinking water, or directly in the mouth using a dropper. This gives them an energy kick and a nutritional boost.

Bothered by the flea season? Kombucha can be sprayed on irritated skin to bring soothing relief. Some animals are allergic to fleas as well, and the acidic balancing for skin and hair makes your animal more resilient to these pesky flea attacks.

Has your pet ever been given antibiotics for treatment? Antibiotics reek havoc with the digestive tract, but Kombucha tea will help restore the positive flora that your pet needs for good digestion. You will see a correction in their bowel movements as well by adding Kombucha to their diet.

The quality of our pets coat is a sign of health and wellness. Our bodies function with a balance of acid and alkaline. Kombucha supports and aides, and provides nutrients as well. Try offering a small piece of the Kombucha growth to your pet, they may gobble it down!

Both you and your pet can benefit from the addition of Kombucha to your diets. Give it a try, it’s easy to grow your own Kombucha, or find in your local health food store. Kombucha tea, the natural, nutritional mushroom.

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