Here, Kitty, Kitty. How to Train Your Cat.

June 30, 2017

in Cats

Sure cats are the greatest at being aloof and leaving an impression that training is beneath them. It isn’t. My cats have always enjoyed the time we spend together in our little training sessions

Many cats are incredibly affectionate and loving. They just need you to be the “alpha” and demonstrate your leadership and initiate the rapport-building process.

Cats may typically lead a solitary, individual life. But once a cat is part of your “pride” things change.

Sure, cats act aloof, independent, and laid back. They even act like they own the world. If they were human, they would be the ones who believe “It’s all about me.” That is because they seem to do what they want, when they want. Yeah, yeah, that doesn’t strike most people as being ideal training material. Ah, but it is.

If you make training time, play time your cat will look forward to doing it more often. What a great way to build rapport between the two of you.

If you keep your cat’s mind active and stimulated, they will be happy to play and learn. They’re like a two-year old child – don’t tell them its good for them and they’ll enjoy it!

I have always started with easy things that the cat naturally likes to do “reach up with their paws”, “roll over to be petted”, and so on. With rewards and praise, they quickly learn to have fun at this new game and jump at the opportunity to learn more.

Simply put, cats are like children. They enjoy knowing their boundaries and they are more than willing to push them every chance they get. But remember that you are the alpha in this pride and stand firm.

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