Homemade Cat Food Recipe

July 17, 2009

in Cats

Many cat owners are discovering that they enjoy making homemade cat food for their cats. Some cat owners make their own cat food out of concerns about the contents and nutritional value of manufactured cat food.

Even though some cat owners make homemade cat food in an attempt to save money, not much money is usually saved by doing so. However, making cat food can provide the cat with a diet that more closely resembles their natural diet since manufactured food often has too many carbohydrates and not enough protein.

Raw food diets for pets have become increasingly popular. Some cat owners who make homemade cat food use meat grinders to grind meat and bones as the main component of the cat food.

Some cat owners who are new to making cat food may want to try a simple homemade cat food recipe that does not require the purchase of a meat grinder or other tools. Easy homemade cat food recipes that only use ingredients that can be found in grocery stores are available on the Internet.

There is a simple homemade cat food recipe that allows for flexibility of the ingredients. The cat owner chooses one meat choice. The recommended possible meat ingredients include one can of tuna, one six ounce can of salmon, one cup of cooked and cubed chicken, one can of sardines in olive oil, or half a cup of beef, cooked and shredded.

After the cat owner chooses a meat, the cat owner adds one or two vegetables. Some possible vegetable ingredients are cup of cooked, cubed potato, steamed chopped broccoli, finely chopped celery, or shredded carrots. The cat owner should try different variations of this simple homemade cat food recipe.

The cat owner mixes the meat and vegetable choices with a small amount of chicken or beef broth. Some cat owners who make their own cat food like to add one or two tablespoons of cooked oatmeal or cooked rice to the meat and vegetable mixture.

A cat owner should not always feed the cat the same homemade cat food. By using different variations of this simple recipe, the cat receives many different vitamins and minerals.

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