Homemade Kitten Food: Pros And Cons Of Using Homemade Kitten Food

October 20, 2009

in Cats

To start we will discuss the negatives of using homemade kitten food and then go to positives of using homemade kitten food.

Making your own homemade kitten food will take you more time then simply opening a bag or can of kitten food. There is nothing simpler then pouring premade food into your kittens bowl. Making your own food will require you to spend time making it every few days.

On the other side, the more used to making homemade kitten food you are the less time it will take you to make it and it has been proven that the more your cats diet resembles his natural diet in the wild, the healthier and longer your cat will live.

Making your own kitten food will cost more money in the beginning. A kitten eats uncooked meat and veggies.

Over time you will actually save money by feeding your cat homemade kitten food. When your cat gets the nutrition his body needs he has a stronger immune system so he will get sick much less often. That means less money on vet bills. You will still have to get your kitten his shots but you will be taking a sick cat to the vet a whole lot less. Also, when your kitten gets the nutrition he needs he will eat less everyday.

You also need to make sure you do your homework. Cats have allergies to some of our food and some of are food is even poison to them.

Some of the foods that are poison to cats is onions, garlic, and tomatoes. Your cat should not eat anything that is considered part of those food groups. Cats are also lactose intolerant. Milk will not kill your cat but it will make him feel bad.

Like all things, when you know the rules and follow them, it becomes easy to do.

Giving your kitten homemade kitten food will help your kitten to live a long, healthy lifetime. Give your kitten homemade kitten food.

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