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May 15, 2009

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You should understand the basics of house cat care before you bring home your new charge. For a happy and healthy home life, house cats need to be fed the proper diet. To maximize the health and well-being of your cat, feeding at fixed intervals is best. Don’t allow the development of unhealthy eating habits later by not adhering to this recommendation of predictable eating times and the proper nourishment.

Cow’s milk should not be included in your cat’s diet, since it can give the cat diarrhea. Fresh water is the most important fluid to give your cat. As they age, cats experience changes in their digestive systems, so try to give them small portions that they can digest without difficulty. This change usually occurs at around 7 years of age and that’s when proteins that are easily digested are strongly suggested.

Your cat’s dietary needs can be met by most moist pellets, canned foods, and certain dry food. You can choose between giving your cat dry food or food from the can. Moist food is often preferable for cats with dental problems.

You’ve probably seen those very unattractive and unpleasant hair mats on long haired cats which result from their own inadequate grooming. Usually a cat’s coat is kept clean when they use their tongue and teeth to groom. Swallowing some hair often occurs, and this hair does not digest.

When hair bunches up in the cat’s stomach and intestines, it forms hairballs. Intestinal blockages can result. To cut down on the amount of hair getting into your cat’s system, try to brush or comb the cat often.

A litter box is standard equipment for the house cat. You will need to frequently remove waste from the litter box, and keep it away from busy areas of the house. Cats are naturally drawn to use the litter box, so just put them in it and move the loose gravel a little to show them what to do.

Take careful note of any problems even if they seem small, so they don’t grow into large problems. If you do see behavioral changes, it could mean a problem is brewing that needs attention. Make sure you talk to a veterinarian if you see any suspicious changes. Your cat’s good health depends on consistent checkups and vaccinations under the care of a vet. Your cat will live long and well if you pay attention to the basics of house cat care.

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