How a Pet Can Make You Happy

August 9, 2009

in Cat Health

When you are at the mall, do you see people who stroll as if there is a spring in their step? At the office, do you encounter individuals who seem to radiate with a good aura that makes you wonder what they are thinking of? Conversely, when you are at the park, do you feel envious of people who have smiles plastered on their faces? Well, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what makes them seem like they are in seventh heaven. Most probably, their happy disposition is due to their pet.

Yes, believe it or not, owning a pet can bring wonders to an individual’s life. This premise is made more applicable with the ongoing economic crisis that everyone is facing today. With all the bad news hogging the newspaper these days, it is not so hard to go with the flow and feel glum. However, if you have a nice distraction, specifically an animal to bond with upon waking up early in the morning and after office house, you will feel much more alive and good natured.

There have been many studies conducted that can prove the efficacy of a pet’s presence in the outlook of an individual. This is actually the reason why numerous hospitals and nursing homes employ pets in their therapy sessions with the patients.

The following paragraphs spill the reasons why pets can make a person feel blissful. Read on.

First of all, having a pet makes the owner feel useful and loved. Pets are dependable and trustworthy. They are very affectionate when given treats and other nice stuff. They do not complain much and are content with the rewards you offer. For them, having food, shelter, proper grooming and a visit to the neighborhood veterinarian is already heaven. In this regard, they are a notch higher than their human counterparts because they do not act like they own you. This means that you won’t need to pray that they behave because they already do that without you turning red in anger.

Second, owning a pet can greatly improve your self-esteem. Of course, when you are the one in charge of somebody else’s basic needs, you have to be at the top of your game. You can’t afford to dilly dally when there is a shortage in their food, medications, grooming needs, hygienic materials and so on. This makes you feel like a productive individual. Being productive would raise your self-worth. Other people will definitely notice it in the way you deal with them. Don’t be surprised if you hear your boss or co-workers say something nice to you. Your parents and friends will also see the change and might compliment you for it. The inner happiness you feel will simply manifest itself outside and reflect on your disposition.

Third, a pet can help you lure new friends and acquaintances. This is true especially if you are seen around town with a pet in tow. People are quite shameless when they see individuals carrying a cat, dog, bird, hamster or squirrel. They ask plenty of questions and are curious about a lot of stuff regarding your pet.

Are you ready to gain the perks of possessing a new pet? Well, wait no more. Head to the nearest animal store and get one now.

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