How Can I Find The Best Food For My Cat?

January 19, 2016

in Cats

Thanks to mom I’ve adopted a healthy diet in my adult life. I always read the labels and I’m careful about not eating too many processed foods or artificial flavors and preservatives. I have a good understanding of what kinds of foods are healthy for me, but what is the best food for my cats? How can I be sure the food I’m buying my cats is healthy cat food? I tried looking at cat food labels, but I didn’t know exactly what I should be looking for the way I did with my own food.

I believe nutrition is the foundation of good health and I want solid nutrition for my kitties too. It’s important to me that they have a good quality of life; I want them to be with me for as long as possible, and not surprisingly none of us enjoy unnecessary visits to the veterinarian. Annual check ups are necessary, but I want to decrease the chance of them coming down with one of the common cat health problems that happen all too often by feeding them a healthier diet.

I decided it was time to start doing my research. The first thing that’s important to understand is how a cats body works. Cats are obligate carnivores meaning they require a high percentage of protein for their systems to function appropriately. If they don’t intake proper levels of taurine, a component found in meats, cats may be subject to an array of health problems that could include loss of vision. Because of this protein should be the main ingredient in a good cat food.

We may have domesticated them, but by nature they hunt their food and eat it raw. That sounds pretty unpleasant to us but it’s natural for them. By nature they also have a low thirst drive because they were made to get some of their moisture in their food. Some cats that only eat dry foods aren’t getting enough liquids, this can contribute to problems with feline urinary tract infections. It’s important to add at least some moist food to your cat’s diet. Moist food can include canned, raw or frozen. It’s also important to encourage your cat to drink more by providing fresh, clean water. Keeping water in a couple areas of the house can help.

A good deal of people food is processed and has a lot of junk in it. The same thing is also true for cat food. By using fillers cat food manufacturers can produce cat food at a much lower cost, unfortunately cats don’t always respond so well to these fillers. Many cats develop allergies, sensitive stomachs (meaning they may vomit too often for reasons other than trying to get rid of a hairball), or other cat health problems.

When looking for a healthy cat food make sure the first ingredient is a quality protein. In addition watch for whole foods and grains like carrots, peas and brown rice, and good fats like chicken fat or flaxseed oil. Stay away from cat foods with artificial colors and preservatives. Cats are sometimes sensitive to these artificial ingredients too.

I’ve discovered I can save money and make life a little better for me and the kitties by spending more on quality cat foods. My nineteen and a half year old and ten year kitties have been my own living proof of that.

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