How Can I Get Rid Of Mange With Non Toxic Mange Medicines?

March 28, 2010

in Cats

When you are looking for ways to cure Mange with non toxic Mange medicines you may soon find that it is almost an impossible task. This nasty disease is most prevalent among dogs and is caused by a mite infestation. If you find that your dog is beginning to scratch uncontrollably and their hair begins to fall out chances are they are a victim of Mange.

When you are seeking information on mange you will soon find that there are three different types. These are the Scarcopic Mange Mites, the Red Mange Mites and finally Demodectic Mange Mites, which are usually found on cats. Of these variations, the most infectious is Scarcopic.

When it affects a dog the severity is most generally classified by loss of hair in small patches of the skin or on the majority of the dogs body. These infected areas will be extremely itchy and it will result in extensive discomfort and itching for your dog. There are times where the sores that are a result from the itching will form a crust and begin to drain. This stage of a mite infestation can become very serious as well as life threatening with open sores and a fever if left untreated.

If it smells like a septic smell than it is a definite sign that your pet has a serious infection. This infection is usually caused by a Mange infestation because these nasty little buggers are burrowed deep within your pets hair follicles. The feces and body parts of these mites are what causes the infection.

Finding an effective treatment for this condition is extremely difficult especially when there is a infection present. You want to be sure that you are stopping the infection as quickly as you can because, if it is bad enough it can actually get into your pets blood stream and then you will need to have your pet treated with oral antibiotics. When you take the time to consider treating your pet with non toxic medication along with medicated dog shampoos that will help to heal your dogs skin.

Some of the more severe side effects include loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, and also fever. If any of these occur you will have to administer other medications to counteract the effects. If the condition becomes worse or even life threatening it will require treatment from your vet.

But, there is some relief in site. Scientific testing has proved that dipping is a very effective treatment. You need to be sure to wash your dog with antibacterial or anti itching soap before beginning. Although this treatment takes time and a lot of effort on your part there is plenty of proof available on the Internet that it is well worth it. You will also be able to find a variety of different antibacterial soaps available online as well.

Mange can be a very nasty disease to affect your dog. They will be plagued with intense itching, pain, and discomfort. Finding a way to cure mange with non toxic treatments can be a difficult task but, through careful research it can be done.

You can find important details and information about the advantages and benefits of using Sarcoptic Mange treatment. When you use a non-toxic product to cure mange, your pet will be healthier and happier!

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