How Cat Training Can Fix Your Cat’s Behavior Problems

June 27, 2009

in Cats

Is your relationship with your cat suffering from a lack of good behavior on your cat’s part? Do you want a to fix your cat’s behavior problems? What people don’t know is that a cat needs behavior training just as much as dogs do. Cat’s are trainable contrary to popular belief.

Don’t be alarmed. Many people have heard that training a cat is difficult because cats are stubborn and independent. It certainly can be if you use the wrong methods. However training a cat using the right methods is simple especially once you have a general understanding of how a cat learns. You need to keep in mind that a cat learns through experiences sort of like a small child. Your cat learns to avoid they will avoid doing things that are unpleasant. They will spend more time doing things that bring them attention, praise, pleasure and of course treats!

The question people still have is if cats are so easily trained then why are so many cats still untrained? The simple answer is: People are simply making giant mistakes when training their cats. They are going against a cats’ natural learning process. They are rewarding a cat for bad behavior and doing nothing for good behavior. For example: If your cat is meowing and you end up stopping the meowing with a tasty treat or some attention. This has just taught your cat the excessive meowing gets them loves and treats so they end up meowing more often.

Punishment does not work with a cat. Too often cat owners resort to using a spray bottle of water as a means of discipline. When the cat does something wrong it gets a spritz. The problem with this is that the cat is only learning to be afraid of their owner and not that what they are doing is bad. They can not piece together the bad behavior and the punishment, so it will not work to correct the behavior.

One of the things you must do is provide your cat with an environment that encourages good behavior and discourages bad behavior. The litter box can often be an area where problems occur. If your cat does not seem to want to use the litter box then the problem could be with the litter box and not the cat. A litter box should be in a private place, away from noise and kept clean. Additionally, other cats or animals should not be using the same little box as your cat. Providing a litter box that gives your cat privacy and that is clean will provide an encouraging place for him and should help stop accidents.

If your problem is cat scratching then your problem is not the cat scratching it’s where they scratch. It’s natural for your cat to scratch and because of this can not be trained not to. They scratch things when they are stressed out, need to groom their claws, and when marking their territory. To stop your cat from scratching your furniture and other belonging you will need to get them a scratching post or anything else that they can scratch on instead.

As mentioned, cats like attention. They are not the anti social animals that many like to think they are. Kittens, especially, will do almost anything to get your attention. This can include bad behavior and excessive meowing. To help your cat avoid falling into bad attention getting habits you should first have him checked by the vet. Many odd habits can actually be a sign of an illness or other health problem. Then you should try to spend time playing with the cat and giving him attention regularly.

Take a little time to understand your cat. It will strengthen your relationship with them and keep their behavior under control.

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katie August 3, 2009 at 3:15 am

What if your cat bites to much? I know he is just playing but Im scared that he will bite other people or if I ever have a child….also he is nuetured and STILL tends to spray. I have covered all the windows with tin foil so he cant look outside, I got him tested at the vet and he doesent have an infection or anything, I got him spray to make him feel less stressed, I got him pills from the vet, I have been cleaning the carpet and now have a blacklight to locate all the icky urine….my next step is giving him a natural alternative….a stress reliever…and I am looking in to getting the carpet professionaly cleaned. I LOVE my sweet kitty Peanut and I dont want to have to give him away..he is so wonderful and sweet!!! Please help me….give me some advice so I can help him….I am at my wits end because he means so much to me!!!!

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