How To Administer Capstar Flea Control To A Pet Dog

September 2, 2010

in Cats

Fleas are agonizing for animals. They cause insistent itching and make it nearly impossible for the affected dog or cat to get comfortable. Fleas are a problem for both indoor and outdoor pets almost year round and their durable eggs can make them very difficult to get rid of. Capstar flea control products work fairly well against infestations and can usually bring relief in four to six hours.

Before treating a dog with any flea medication, always consult the pet’s veterinarian first. Capstar can be obtained without a prescription but your dog’s vet should still be notified. The treatment may interfere with your dog’s medication or diet and a vet or doctor will be able to tell you whether or not the animal can safely take it.

It is fairly difficult to get pets, especially dogs, to eat foreign objects. So before you find the method that works, you may have to try a couple of different ones first. For starters, bury the Capstar pill in the dog’s food bowl when it isn’t looking. Since most dogs don’t look into their bowls during feeding, this is usually the easiest way. Always check the bowl after the animal has finished eating to determine if the pill was consumed.

There are still other effective methods if the dog ate everything but the Capstar capsule. Another one would be to insert the pill into a treat before giving it to the dog. If that doesn’t work, the capsule can be wrapped around a piece of ham or cheese as well. If your animal notices the pill or spits it out after eating around it, there is one last, less desirable, option left.

With a pill dispenser or your hand, place the flea medicine in the far back of the dog’s mouth, on its tongue. Then hold its jaw closed until the dog swallows the flea pill. Resorting to this method means that you’re liable to get slobbered on or even bitten but at least you’ll be sure that the dog finally consumes the pill.

No matter which method you utilize to give the Capstar treatment to your dog, be sure that the pet has eaten the pill afterwards. As with other pills, these tiny capsules are able to get stuck to the side of a dog’s gums and teeth and many dogs will simply cough it out. When you are sure that the capsule has been swallowed, make note of what the time is.

For medium and smaller dogs, Capstar should take an effect in about four hours. It may take around six hours for larger dogs. If you are still finding fleas on your dog twenty four hours later then you’ll have to re-administer the pill every day until all of the critters are dead.

Once your pet is flea free, make sure they stay gone by using several flea prevention products. Flea collars and special shampoos will keep the pesky critters gone after the Capstar pill has done its job. You could also start your dog on a monthly treatment if you are worried about him becoming infested again.

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