How To Clean Cat Urine From Your House

June 18, 2010

in Cats

If you are have a bad problem with the foul smelly odor of cat urine and can not seem to find a solution for this matter, do not worry there is a way to solve this problem once and for all. Do not think that if you remove the litter box that the situation will change for the better. You must first figure out just why the cat is urinating around the house. You can clean cat urine from your home and stop it completely with a few good suggestions.

There could be several reasons why your cat is creating this problem for you and it is important to find this out as it could lead to you solving the problem. The cat may be just marking its territory as many cats are known to do. It could also be a medical problem too.

First you will need to find out that there is nothing medically wrong with the cat. It would be a smart thing to take the cat to visit a vet and have the cat checked over with a urinalysis by doing this you will be then should it not be the problem at least you eliminated one thing from the list of possible reasons why the cat is urinating everywhere in your home.

One reason the cat may not want to use the litter box could be that the cat is very shy as some are known to be that way. Many cats really like to have some privacy and mostly when they are doing their business too. So try putting two or three litter boxes in different parts of the house, somewhere where that is quiet and they can be away from any people and also away from other animals too.

The cat will then feel much more comfortable being in a quiet and more private area to take care of its own business. This is a wonderful idea and it does work quite well for the problem of the cat urinating everywhere around the home and spreading the foul and bad odor of urine.

This just might be the answer as to your problem. Now here is an idea for the removal of stains and odor. Try using some white vinegar, which is a very popular method to use for getting rid of urine odors. After you finish soaking the stained and wet area allow some time for it to dry. Use paper towels for the drying.

Once the area is completely dry you should then consider using some high quality pet odor neutralizer, which can be found at almost any pet shop. This will certainly take away any and all of the smell from the cat urine and also should stop the cat from ever repeating it again in the same area of your house.

This is just one of the most commonly used methods for getting rid of the foul odor of cat urine. You can find other home remedies as well as this one at almost any pet shop where they will have plenty of products available. It is suggested to never use ammonia as cats urine contains ammonia and this will only attract the cat to that area and then the cat will only urinate there.

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