How To Deal With Bad Cat Behavior?

May 18, 2009

in Cats

Cats are more than the soft and sweet pets who meow in the corner of your home. Sometimes they can be an annoyance when you are trying to keep your house clean. Scratched up furniture, fractured ornaments, and ripped stockings are just several things that naughty cats do.

Cats have reasons for their bad behavior and if cat owners knew the reasons, they would be better prepared to control their behavior. Here are some of the reasons why cats misbhave and some pointers on how to correct that behavior.

Cats misbehave when they are bored. Cats that don’t have much to do have no choice but to do obnoxious things. They may be looking for attention, or they just needed something to do to spend their energy.

Allot some time daily, but not immediately after its misbehavior; to play with your cat. Otherwise, it will make it a habit to misbehave; often.

Cats are naturally nocturnal animals. Cats are more active during nighttime. They can do more exciting activities by that time. With this in mind, make your cat busy in the morning. By doing this, the cat will be too exhausted to do things when it is time for his owners to sleep.

Some of the misbehavior noted in cats is caused by the urge to mate. Indoor cats especially may display problematic behavior at such times. You may want to consider a surgical solution to this problem. Female cats can be spayed, while males can be neutered; this brings sexually-driven behavior problems to an end.

Cats misinterpret owners’ reaction to its misbehavior. Owners usually get mad when their pets misbehave. But they are vague in telling their pets that they are mad. When owners reprimand their pets for misbehaving, cats think that their owners just want to play with them.

When disciplining your pet, you must make it clear that this is a punishment and not a reward. Cats enjoy rewards, but hate punishment. If your cat misbehaves, do not give it a lot of attention. Withholding of attention can be used as a punishment so that the cat realizes that certain behaviors make you unhappy.

Cats have fun playing with specific objects in the home. There are objects that cats adore. It might be the curtains, or pillows. One advantage is that they don’t like some smells also. Spray an irritating odor on those objects to keep the cats at a distance. By being aware of the reason that pets have bad behaviors owners have a better opportunity to fix these bad behaviors.

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