How To Dramatically Improve Training Your Dog Training With Animal Communication

August 17, 2009

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There are so many different methods and techniques for dog training that it can all be so overwhelming. I would like to share with you a very natural way to produce complete trust and enhance your relationship, with animal communication. No matter what way of training your dog that you choose this will give you the rewards that you both deserve.

Have you ever been in the position where no matter how loud you are or how much you call your dog it is as if you do not exist! There he is doing something totally inappropriate and you have no control and left feeling useless. His or her ears are not with you but as you scream and shout everyone else in the park can defiantly hear you.

You decide in panic to throw, all your dog training arsenal at him, the sharp whistle, shake the can to distract him, click the clicker, throw him rewards, wave your hand signals. All that is happening is that you are now giving the park a free circus entertainment show and still no response. Ok so this may be a little extreme but I feel that you know where I am coming from!

With the right heart I believe that all dog owners want the best relationship with their pet. They want their dog to be happy and yes well-behaved. There is a very special bond between a dog and human that is laced in unconditional love, compassion and companionship. This is why persons best friend is dog!

The key to any good worthwhile relationship is communication. In the animal world communication is relative to the feelings that you share with each other. So how much do you really understand your dogs feelings and if we want them to listen to us does this not mean that we have to listen to them first? Does it sound like we are entering a therapy session, good because animals have feelings too.

How can you make this work for your dog human relationship? By learning to give your dog full attention on a feeling level you will be able to share detailed communication with them and this opens up a whole new level of understanding

What I mean by feeling them in detail is that you can understand their physical and emotional states accurately. It sounds like this could be hard but far from it, this is not a special gift only for the few. Anyone can learn this way of communicating.

Learning animal communication is easy and so effective in helping people improve their dog training skills. The side effect is that you will have a much closer relationship and understanding for each other. It really is worth looking

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