How To Feed Your Dog For Life

October 2, 2010

in Cats

We are all a little guilty of feeding our pets little titbits and treats. After all, it’s just a treat, what possible harm could it do? Well, it harm them more than we aware often aware of. Even us usually diligent and caring pet owners, don’t think about the extra calories or even harmful ingredients in those little treats or snacks. Legally, manufactured dog treats are not required to meet the nutritional standards of pet food and many are nothing more than junk food for pets adding useless calories and potentially dangerous ingredients to their diet.

Nutritionally unbalanced snacks and treats are definitely contributing to the obesity problem in pets. Even though vets are advising that many dogs should lose a few pounds in weight, owners forget about the effect that daily treats add to the weight problem. Along with weight issues, many treats are made using by-products and chemical preservatives and utilize ingredients that are difficult for your pet to digest.

Even though you may be feeding your dog or cat the right kind of food in their main diet, they still show signs of being overweight or have digestion and/or allergy issues. This could be because you have forgotten about looking at the ingredients in treats. Good marketing often helps to sway pet owners from even thinking about looking at the ingredients with their fancy packaging and evocative pictures.

If you are going to feed your dog regular treats, make sure they contain added nutrients and health promoting ingredients. Some really good treats include nutrients that even pet food can’t provide or doesn’t provide enough of. A really good treat can add these health promoting benefits to your dog’s diet without adding to many extra calories.

If you buy manufactured treats, read the labels carefully and look out for health promoting ingredients like antioxidants and omega fats from natural sources and as supplements. But, don’t forget about some fresh food treats like carrots, green beans, and apple slices. These make great treats for dogs if you start them off from a young age. Make sure that you always consult your local vet if your dog has a health condition that requires care or you have any questions.

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