How To Get Rid Of Dog Fleas Step By Step

April 14, 2018

in Cat Health

If dog fleas are ruining your life, and no doubt ruining the life of your dog, you need a plan to get rid of them and keep them from coming back. Flea infestations have to be one of the most stubborn and frustrating things to deal with, but it is possible to rid your home and dog of these annoying little animals. To get your plan off to a good start, lets talk about the steps you will need to perform to be effective in killing fleas.

In order to rid your house of fleas and prevent them from coming back, you need to understand that the adult fleas on your dog make up only about 5% of the flea infestation – the other 95% in various stages are living in your house and yard. Therefore it is very important to do a total treatment (at the same time!) of all possible flea locations, and get rid of the fleas, flea eggs, larvae and pupae.

1 – Get rid of the fleas in your house – get as many fleas out of the house as possible, which means removing your dog while you are treating your house. Fleas live on and around the floors, in cracks and crevices, and on objects that your pet has been in contact with. Pick up any objects that can be washed, and launder these items using the hot cycle. This will include your pet toys, dog bedding, throw out any dog food that is in or around the dog bowl, your clothing, bedding, cushions etc. Any where it is possible for fleas to live, or lay eggs, needs to be cleaned.

Go through the entire house and vacuum as thoroughly as possible, making sure to get under all beds, as close to the walls as possible, under and behind furniture. Also vacuum any upholstered items in the areas your dog frequents. Once this is done, throw out the vacuum bag so fleas don’t re-emerge or hatch and re-emerge. Use soap and water to clean all hard surfaces, including closet floors, garage floors, and patio decks. Once everything has been thoroughly cleaned to get rid of obvious fleas, arrange to leave the house while you have a flea treatment. Make sure not to come back until the recommended time has passed and the treatment has been allowed to dry thoroughly.

2 – Get rid of the fleas outside your house – fleas that are in the areas outside your house that your dog visits will re-infest your pet the second he goes outside again. Arrange to have a flea treatment for your yard and garage at the same time that you treat your house. Make sure that you get to all areas that fleas like to hide, such as dark humid places like underneath the patio. Fleas prefer dark places, so treat crevices and corners especially well.

3 – Get rid of fleas on your dog – now is the time to get rid of the adult fleas on your dog. Give your dog a bath with dog shampoo, and then thoroughly dry him. Once he is dry, double check that all fleas have been killed by going over your dog with a flea comb. It’s probably a good idea to throw your dog washing clothes in the laundry, just in case some fleas jumped to you for safety during the bath.

4 – Kill fleas for the next 2 weeks to prevent re-infection – 2 weeks after the initial treatment, any fleas in the larvae stage which were impervious to the chemical treatment will now hatch and reinfest your home. After the initial treatment, make sure to follow up with vacuuming, floor washing, laundering and pet bathing regularly over the next two weeks, and your chances of catching young fleas before they have a chance to re-infest will be greatly increased.

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