How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Your Cat

September 2, 2010

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Spring is a time of year when our cats can become susceptible to flea infestations, however with the milder winters, infection can occur all year round. Fleas aren’t just an irritant, they can course an allergic reaction in some cats and may transmit disease.

The problem can grow quite quickly as well. In only six months, 200 fleas will have become 10,000!

To stop a flea problem becoming an infestation you need to treat your cat and it’s surrounding area. So what treatments are available to you?

Off the shelf flea treatments:

There are several remedies to go for; spot-on medicines, collars, ‘electric shock’ combs, sprays and tablets. What you decide to use will be governed by what’s easiest for you and your cat:

One of the easiest methods to use are flea collars. They’ll be able to protect your cat for up to four weeks. Even so, some owners are uncomfortable having collars on cats.

Spot-on drops are a very effective treatment, protecting your cat from fleas for up to 5 weeks. Some brands offer two types, one for cats or one for dogs, so make sure you get the right one, as a cat can be overdosed using the dog formula.

Electronic combs is a flea comb that emits a mild electric shock, enough to kill the fleas it comes in contact with, but that is harmless to your pet. The benefit here is that no chemicals are involved, but you will need to be thorough with the comb and it can miss the eggs, so you’ll have to keep repeating the process for it to be effective. There is also a slight buzzing noise when it “zaps” a flea that may put off some cats.

Sprays that are designed to be used on your car are an inexpensive way to combat fleas, but cats need to be over 3 months of age, the ‘hissing’ noise may also be a problem for some cats.

Oral Tablets will kill all the fleas on your pet, but it can be difficult to get your cat to swallow a pill unless your well practiced!

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