How To Groom Your Dog With Dog Clippers

August 24, 2010

in Cats

Giving your dog a haircut at home can be a simple and money saving option. If your dog requires a regular trim, you may want to consider using dog clippers at home. It it easy to learn how.

By visiting your local pet store, you can buy a set of clippers. You can also find resources online to buy them. The kit you choose should have several blade guards to give you the freedom to cut your pets fur to the desired length. You will also need to have use of a table that can withstand your dogs weight. A leash and collar, as well as scissors are also good items to have handy. Use a sheet or towel to catch the hair, or do it in an area that is easy to sweep.

Keep in mind that if your dog hates going to the groomer, he probably will not like it any more at home! The sound of the clippers can be vary scary for some pets, and without the experience of a groomer, the results could be less than desirable. If you still want to try, go slowly, and ensure that you are not stressing your dog out.

It is always a good idea to secure your dog to the table using a leash and collar. Not only will it keep them from running away, it will help you keep control of the situation. Ensure that your dog cannot slip and fall off the table and be choked by the collar.

Select a guard for the blade that will give you the results you want. For very short cuts, no guard is necessary. Start at the neckline, working toward the tail, in gentle, slow sweeps. The blade can become hot as you use it, so be sure to stop frequently and check that it is not too hot. A groomer’s cooling spray is available that will instantly cool the blade when applied. Using the recommended lubricant regularly will also help keep the blade in good shape.

If you come across a mat as you work, gently loosen the hair around it with the clippers, and work slowly to dislodge it. Skin under and around the mat can become sensitive, so take care not to pull at it or force the blade against it. Causing your pet pain may make it harder to continue.

When it is time to trim the legs and paws, be patient. Some dogs do not like their feet touched, and for the trimmer can tickle them. Bend the leg so that the paw is facing upwards, and go slowly, reassuring your pet as you go. If you are tempted to use scissors in this area, do so with caution.

A small break is deserved at this point. Let your pet run around for a bit, and offer a treat before you get back to work. This can give the clipper blades time to cool down as well. Next and final comes the face and neck, and this can be a tricky place to trim, especially because most dogs do not like it.

Hold your pet around the muzzle, and use gently pressure to tilt the head up. This gives you access to the neck area. Proceed slowly to finish the face, taking care around the ears and eyes. Scissors can be used if necessary, but proceed slowly and carefully.

Before long, you will be totally comfortable grooming your dog at home. With practise, it will be easier and allow you to try different techniques to achieve the look you want. Reward your dog with a new toy or treats with the money you will save doing the trimming at home.

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