How to Groom your Ragdoll Cat

March 19, 2019

in Ragdoll Cat

With all of that long, thick fur, you may have questions regarding what is required from you in terms of grooming the Ragdoll Cat. The answer to this question largely depends on whether or not you show your Ragdoll.

If you do not show your Ragdoll, the great news is that very little is required from you when it comes to grooming. Your beautiful Ragdoll is very hygienic, and pretty much takes care of his own grooming. You will find that he usually does a fantastic job ” that is fur is clean, tangle free, and that he does not smell.

Providing you are not planning to show your Ragdoll, there are just 4 things that you need to do on a weekly basis, and the first of these is a good weekly brushing. This will help stop the fur from going down your cats throat, which is very unpleasant, and it will stop it from flying around the house.

Secondly, you need to be aware of the health of your Ragdoll’s teeth. Keep a weekly check on his teeth and gums, and if you see any signs of a problem then you must go and see your veterinarian.

Next up is on the subject of ticks and fleas. If your cat is allowed outside, or if it mixes with say a dog that is allowed outside, then there is a potential problem here from ticks and fleas, and you need to be watchful for this.

The fourth thing to keep a watch on is your cats claws. You may want to trim them now and again and in so doing you will ensure that you get scratched less, and so does your furniture. A scratching post does prove helpful here.

If you will be showing your Ragdoll Cat, there is a great deal more work involved. Fortunately, that work only comes in preparation for a show, and is not a daily thing, in most cases.

Probably the most important thing is that your Ragdoll will need a bath. Its not that he is dirty, as they are very clean cats, its just that for showing purposes they need to be freshly bathed and well groomed.

So, unless you plan to show your Ragdoll then you really do not need to worry about grooming as your cat is perfectly capable of taking care of this himself.

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