How To Help Unwanted Cats

October 29, 2010

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There are many thousands of unwanted cats in the world and unfortunately the problem is getting worse. Many are destroyed as there just isn’t enough space for them and unfortunately not enough people come forward to adopt them. Pet rescue centers are full and struggling to cope with the animals they have already there. Although they try not to destroy any healthy animal, this is not always possible.

The answer to the problem is not always as simple as you may think and because you cannot re-home all of the animals you need to find other solutions. Pet owners need to become more responsible and learn how to look after their cats and dogs in a more responsible way. Neutering programs need to be put in place and people need to be educated more. If you teach people how to look after their animals responsibly then fewer animals will end up in the pet rescue centers.

There are many benefits to neutering your cat, not only will they not be able to produce kittens, but also it is better for their overall health. They will be less inclined to stray and wander off and they will become far more sociable. Fighting and yowling will be less and your cats will be far happier, pet owners need to understand how important it is to have this procedure done. In the past, many pet rescue centers would have sent the cats and dogs to their new homes with the promise that they would have them neutered.

This unfortunately many times does not happen and the cats and dogs are left to reproduce over and over. This makes the whole problem even worse and the numbers of unwanted and abandoned animals continues to grow. Many pet rescue centers now insist that the cats and dogs are neutered before they leave the center. Although this will stop the overpopulation problem it is very expensive and the centers need more and more financial help. If you cannot help by homing the animals then you can help by donating to the centers.

Even the smallest of donations will help the pet rescue centers and they can then put the money towards the welfare of the animals. You can help to raise money and donate your time to help out at the center. There may be reasons that you cannot adopt an animal but you love them so you can help out in your spare time. There is always plenty to do around the center whether it be feeding or dog walking, You can help the rescuers to make the cats’ and dogs’ lives just a little better.

Educating our children is essential as this will lead to a better generation. If they understand how important it is to neuter the cats and dogs then they will not end up in the pet rescue centers. Teaching your children how to be responsible pet owners is a fantastic way to help the problem. Although it might not help the animals today in the future it will help all of the cats and dogs.

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