How To Help Your Canine Pet Who Has A Skin Problem

September 20, 2010

in Cat Health

Is your dog suffering from skin infection? Do not ignore such symptoms. Skin rashes and itching is not limited to humans alone. Even dogs get these at times. They also suffer from dry skin, oily skin etc. You would have to get him treated at a vet’s clinic and buy the ointments and creams as per prescription. The treatment will also include dietary changes and restrictions.

While some skin infections are caused by flea or ticks infecting the body, you have the mange causing infections too. Dogs are known to suffer from hypothyroidism and can end up with skin ailments as a result of this condition. They just get ailments and infections just like the humans do.

If you notice that your dog is biting or licking himself all the time, you should get him checked by a vet. They do contract infections through the food they consume such as beef, wheat and dairy foods.

The infection can develop into a serious ailment if left untreated for long. The dog will be able to prescribe appropriate skin treatment cream along with tablets for consumption to route out the infection.

As a part of treatment, to stop further infection you would have to change the diet of your dog. Check with the vet before making suitable changes and deleting these foods from his daily diet.

Always in case of bacterial infections, the effective treatment will be to use antibiotics, taken either orally or through skin treatment creams and lotions.

You should always get such ailments treated by the vet, for he knows what is the best course of treatment and be able to diagnose the problem accurately. He has many options of oral antibiotics, injections, flea collars, skin ointments, shampoos, steroids etc and can choose appropriate course depending upon the severity of condition.

Of course depending upon the kind of ailment the treatment course will be adapted. While it might take several weeks for the complete cure, it can also take a few months or a few years depending upon the infection.

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