How To Keep Your Cat Safe During Halloween

October 20, 2010

in Cats

Halloween is just around the corner. If you are owned by any cats it time to think about how to deal with their safety during this time. Primarily, you will want to concentrate on October 31st, but never forget that there are people with nasty tendencies in every neighborhood and every socio-economic group.

The first and best thing you should always do is keep your cat inside at all times. Cats are always safer in the places they know and inside your home there are: No fleas, ticks, worms or other parasites No nasty diseases No animals like hawks, owls and coyotes No nasty people with bad intentions

If you celebrate Halloween in your house, on the day of October 31st you will be preparing for the festivities. Whether you are throwing a party, getting the kids ready to go trick or treating or answering the door keeping tabs on the cat is the last thing you need to worry about.

The cat will appreciate and ignore your festivities if you: Place her in a room in the back of the house away from everything. Bring her favorite toys, food and water and her cat playhouse. Cats can’t meditate but you can aid in their relaxation by providing Feliway or catnip on her cat condo. Move a TV close to her favorite condo perch. Play a fun cat video with loads of bird, mice and outdoor sounds. This is a great distraction for the cat. Your cat is used to seeing you as you are normally. If you visit her with a costume or mask she will be very stressed and may act out. Although you may love your party costume, share it only with your human friends.

After the holiday you will still need to take care of a few household things: Although kitty may be curious about the candy and food that is around, do not let her eat it. Sugar is not good for her and chocolate is toxic. Kitty will probably be very curious about pumpkins that are carved. They actually like the taste and pumpkin is good for their digestion. However, the bacteria that grows on pumpkins after a few days can make kitty sick. Dispose of carved pumpkins the day after the holiday to alleviate this issue. Candy wrappers make a fun, scrunchy noise that kitty loves. She will most likely want to play with them and sometimes even eat them.

Hopefully, by sticking to these simple tips you can avoid any holiday meltdowns for your feline!

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