How To Make Sure Your Dog Doesn’t Get Overweight

June 11, 2010

in Cat Health

Pets, like people start to slow down as they age. This is normal and part of life, and with the right care, they can enjoy comfort as they get older.

One great preventative measure to maintain overall health is to keep the weight down. Just like people, over weight pets tend to be sicker and more unhappy. A wide range of medical conditions can be attributed to an overweight pet, including diabetes, liver and kidney problems and joint pain.

Don’t feed your pet too many treats, no matter how much they bug you for them. Keeping treats down will help keep the weight down. Too many treats will produce weight gain in pets very easily.

You should feed your pet a few small meals a day, or else one large one. Make sure that you get rid of the food they don’t eat, and don’t let anyone feed your pet between meals. Too much food will keep them heavy, and become an overall drain on their health.

Always have fresh water that is cool available for your pet to drink from. Keeping a dog hydrated with clean water will help maintain good health for a long time. Make sure it is in an easy place to get to, and as they age they may start to struggle with reaching the bowl.

Pets love companionship and play. Dogs love to walk, and it is important to keep them fit, so take them out once a day. Walking will improve and maintain good circulation and keeps your pet from getting depressed from boredom.

Feeding dry food to your pet as they age may cause them digestive problems. Sooner or later they will have to start eating moist food. Chewing is also a problem for many older dogs because their teeth start to hurt and decay.

Regular medical care is important, and checkups and consistent trips to the vet will keep your dog healthy while being ahead of emerging medical conditions. Next do diet and love, this is the most valuable part of helping your pet live a happy and long life.

Taking care of your pet’s diet and exercise needs and making adaptations to make them comfortable as they age will ensure they will be as happy as possible.

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