How To Make Your Own Cat Food

August 7, 2009

in Cats

To make your own cat food, all that is needed is a little information about what homemade cat food should and should not contain. A few simple guidelines can make the process easier.

When deciding whether or not to make their own cat food, cat owners may want to do some research on the Internet. There are many sources of information on making cat food and cat food recipes that can be found using a search engine.

There is no need to follow specific cat food recipes. Some basic rules about what to put into cat food and what to avoid is all that is really needed.

Because cats are carnivores, their diet should be mostly meat. Some veterinary resources on the Internet say that homemade cat food should be as much as ninety-five percent meat.

The other five percent of the cat food is typically vegetables. Some cat food recipes include rice, noodles, cheese, and various other ingredients. Cat food should not contain garlic, onions, or chocolate as these can be toxic to cats.

Cat owners can select a meat or a combination of meats for the bulk of the homemade cat food. Some popular choices include chicken, beef, turkey, liver, organ meat, and fish. Pork is sometimes used in cat food recipes, but some people feel that pork is unhealthy for cats.

Some homemade cat food recipes add egg, though there are some concerns about feeding a cat raw egg. So, it may be safer to add egg to ground meats before the meat is cooked.

Tuna is often used in cat food recipes, but tuna should not be given to cats too frequently. Many people have concerns about the mercury content in canned tuna. Some homemade cat food resources suggest only using canned tuna as the meat source once or twice a week at the most.

The veterinarian can be an excellent source of information about making your own cat food. A cat owner should consult a veterinarian for the best ingredients for homemade cat food.

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