What To Do When Your Kitten Has A Cold

April 13, 2010

in Cat Health

It can be very upsetting when your little kitten catches a cold. Here are a few hints to get her back on her paws in no time.

You need to quickly isolate your poorly kitty so any other animals in the house don’t catch the cold. Place your patient in a quiet place to they can recuperate without any visitors.

Keeping your kitten warm is vital as she will have very little body fat and will feel the cold. Wrap her in a warm blanket, but it is recommended to check her temperature at regular intervals with a rectal thermometer. If her temperature ever goes above 103 degrees she has a fever and its best to call a vet.

Make sure your kitten is fed 4 or 5 times a day, only small portions though. Preventing dehydration is vital. So carefully check how much water she is taking.

If your kitten is refusing to eat try some chicken baby food, this has been reported as appealing to poorly cats even when they have lost their appetite. If you have some Vitamin C in the house, mix some into the food as an immune booster.

All your kitten’s toys should be disinfected and her bedding changed and disinfected regularly. Use bleach to do this, as it doesn’t contain phenol, which is toxic to cats.

Your kitten may be experiencing difficulties breathing through her little stuffy nose. Saline drops in her nose and then wiping it might help. Use a warm and damp washcloth to keep her mouth, eyes and nose clean.

If you suspect your kitten is dehydrating, or has a fever and is getting worse instead if better, get her to see a veterinarian as soon as it is humanly possible.

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