How To Pick A Dog Diaper Or Make Your Own

September 19, 2010

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Dog Pants are used mostly for dogs in heat and sick or incontinent dogs. The diapers or pants have a utilitarian purpose of allowing the dog to be in the home and to keep the furniture, carpet and floors clean. There are various products on the market. These diapers can be bought department stores, limited pet stores, and specialty dealer on the internet can find a large variety. Dog pants range from plastic baby diapers with holes cut out for the tail to custom fabric cotton lined diaper, specialty orders for breeders and owner that don’t spay their bitches.

The cheaper diapers may help in a pinch, but normally don’t work as well or stay on. The custom internet dog diapers are about the same price as the pet store diapers but last much longer, and work better due to the sizing and materials used. In a pinch you could cut a baby diaper. Expect to add tape to keep it on. My experience is you will have to re-tape about 2 times a day, or use fresh tape every time you bring the dog back in from going outside.

Most dog diaper manufactures have their own sizing charts so, you may want to measure your dog and read the manufactures size dimensions, before purchasing or assuming the size is the same. Manufactures’ can be found by searching the internet for “dog pants”, “doggie diapers” etc.

To Find the best dog diaper consider these important points SIZE & FIT. * MATERIAL * MADE IN USA * QUALITY * LONGEVITY * ACCESSABILITY & RETURNS

SIZE & FIT – The size of your dog is the most important feature to consider when buying a dog diaper or belly band. If the product does not fit well it will not stay on or may chaff your pet. Dog Diapers that are too tight will not be comfortable for the dog and they will work hard to get it off. Most national pet store carry a few sizes, usually a very small and small medium. A larger selection for medium and bigger dogs can be found on the internet.

MATERIAL – The materials are another important feature. One material benefit is to be breathable and the other is selected for the ability to stay on in place and not slide off. Cotton on the inside felt liner and soft durable cotton on the outside is important to keep the dog comfortable. Cotton is breathable and light, and most dogs will not mind wearing a diaper after trying it on a few times. The cloth material has fitted edges with elastic banding to fit well. Avoid plastic waterproof diapers, as these will retain heat, and be uncomfortable. China made diapers that are made of inferior material and do not last very long. I inspected a denim diaper at the national pet and did not even have a cotton liner, -chose a diaper with cotton or felt liners.

MADE IN USA – I feel this is an important part of quality and also, preserving economic resources. Many online stores have products made from the USA. Some even use fabric that is made from US cotton, printed in the USA, and also sewn and inspected in the US. Buy USA local.

QUALITY – Quality should be number 1. Use the strongest Velcro straps available. Use patterns with proven size to stay on and work for many years. Avoid synthetic materials or labor is abusive to children.

LONGEVITY -Comparison to national pet store chains that buy their diapers made in overseas. These foreign made diapers are made of inferior material and do not hold up or even work for a short time. Some dogs will not like the synthetic materials or fit and will chew these diapers off. Baby diapers or sanitary napkins can be placed inside a cloth custom diaper to keep from having to wash your diaper often. The quality diapers also hold up well to machine washing as well.

QUICK DELIVERY & RETURNS – Many pet stores carry smaller diapers, larges and varieties can be found online with quick deliver just about anywhere. Returns are handled well by most reputable dealers with no hassle return policies. Keep an eye on your dog at first, if you have an hot diaper or one that doesn’t fit well your dog may try to chew it off.

Before I started working for a pet supplier, I never knew was such a Dog Diaper. I guess necessity is the mother of invention. If you need a diaper for just a short period of time you could probably get along with some homemade diaper combination conglomeration. A dog diaper for longer purposes or specialty needs can be easily found by suppliers on the internet.

There is quite a large range in quality and selection for dog diapers. For the Absolutely Best Dog Diapers, for your Dog in Heat visit to find the best advice on caring for your dog in heat. Order dog diapers for Dogs in Heat, Territorial Marking Dog, or Diapers for Incontinent Dogs and Pets.

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