How To Prevent Your Dog From Getting Arthritis

November 8, 2010

in Cat Health

Arthritis can affect dogs too. Some people might find this bit of information strange but it is true. Statistic suggests that arthritis is found in about one fifth of dogs more than one year old. This problem is much prevalent in the case of comparatively larger breeds.

One problem associated with it is that it is hard to identify. Your dog would not be able to complain just as humans do, when they experiencing pain. You would have to watchful here.

For dogs suffering from this disease, getting up is an ordeal. They cannot work properly, and they look stiff. If you see any such signs in your dogs, visit the vet for evaluation.

It might come a as surprise to many but dogs also suffer from arthritis like human do. In fact, it affects 20 percent of dogs over one year old. It is more commonly found in large breeds.

Arthritis is more difficult to identify when it comes to dogs, as they are not able to communicate. Therefore, you will have vigilant in this case. Look for symptoms.

They have proven to be helpful. In a research, the results showed that fish oils help improve the walking capabilities in dog. The positive effect was seen in twelve weeks. The ability to stand up also improved – that too in even shorter period of time that is six weeks. No such good effects were seen for the group, which recieved no treatment.

These results are very encouraging. Now, you can effectively take care of your dog without having to spend too much. Therefore, if you notice your dog is having trouble with respect to walking; discuss the idea of giving them fish oil supplements with the vet.

These fish oil supplements will help reduce the swelling and pain the joints. They work the same way as cod liver oil does in case humans suffering from arthritis.

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