How To Promote Your Veterinary Website

September 8, 2009

in Cat Health

Promoting your veterinary business online all begins with building a good website for your veterinary practice. Your site needs to have a front page which is user friendly and has an attractive design and is easy to navigate. From there, it�s a process of adding good, useful content for your visitors. Once you’ve used the Vet Marketing tools software to build and launch your website, the next step is to start marketing your site and letting both current clients and potential clients know that your clinic has established a presence on the web.

Creating an attractive front page is all about making something which balances aesthetic appeal with being easy to use and making it immediately obvious what services and products your clinic offers. You want to make your site as easy for your visitors to use as possible while at the same time making it attractive enough to ensure making a good first impression. You’ve probably had a little bit of experience creating a web page of some sort, perhaps with a social networking site. Of course, this differs significantly since this site is meant to promote your veterinary practice. As such, you need to go for a professional look. People care deeply about their pets and you want your site to let them know that you’re as committed to the health of their pets as they are.

So how should you create your veterinary website? You could build your site in a number of ways, from coding it by hand to WYSIWYG editors to Veterinarian Marketing software, which happens to be one of the best ways to build your site. When promoting your site, take advantage of the fact that veterinary care is something of a niche market, use niche marketing best practices such as providing information on the use of the products you carry (if any) or on your veterinary care services. Providing readers with this kind of information is what draws new business and builds customer loyalty, especially online.

You’ll want to begin promoting your website using traditional marketing methodologies such as adding your website address to your business cards, stationery and anywhere else that your street address and phone number appear. Anything that your clientele sees should include the URL of your website. Don’t neglect to tell your clients (and anyone else) about your website; word of mouth is still one of the most effective forms of free advertising.

The demand for quality veterinary care is something which is not affected by a recession. Even in the toughest of times, people still want the very best for their pets. Thankfully, you won’t have to spend a lot to promote your veterinary website. You can get a lot of mileage out of properly search engine optimizing your website , using Veterinary Marketing software can make this a simple task.

Social marketing is using the tools of networking and advertising combined and takes place more and more online, veterinary marketing is buying into these tools to create a stronger web presence a more visible website. If you advertise in the yellow pages (even online like yellowbook or dexonline) or in a local newspaper (online too) it is paramount you do not forget to include your website with your name and address. Inside your hospital, particularly in your lobby or waiting area, display your website by using print offs of your front page or your other linked pages of service that you have to offer.

Printing some pages of your website and using them as flyers can also be an effective way to get the word out about your site. You can post these at animal wellness associations, 4H clubs and anywhere else where the membership has a strong interest in veterinary care. If you’re a member of your local Chamber of Commerce or business association or even an animal breeders group, you may be able to get a link to your website from theirs, something which is valuable in increasing your search engine page rankings.

Make sure that your staff is aware of your website and that they refer clients to the site when appropriate. You’ll want to have strong content on your site about caring for pets; this is one of the more common kinds of calls that vet clinic receptionists field and being able to refer these questions to your website can save a lot of time as well as build interest in your clinic’s website. Including articles on pet care and preventative care for pets can make your site a valuable resource for pet owners who may have questions during times that your office isn’t open to take their questions.

Be creative when advertising your veterinary website. Create a Facebook profile for your veterinary clinic, start a vet clinic blog and maybe even a Twitter account. There are a lot of ways to promote your veterinary website and you should take advantage of them. Your clients are online, and so are many of your competitors, so it’s time you joined them and started building a bright future for your vet clinic.

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