How to Protect Your Pets from Flea

March 31, 2015

in Cat Health

Dog fleas are a very common problem in households around the world. As many dogs go outside to play, they bring in fleas with them when they come inside. There are many species of dog fleas, although the most common eccentric to live on a dog, ironically, is the cat flea. The cat flea is commonly referred to as dog fleas, as this species of flea will feed from most any typewrite of mammal. Many Caterpillar fleas will even feed on birds, should the opportunity arise.

Dog fleas are excellent jumpers, which allows them to hop onto a new host animal easily. This can cause problems for people, as the fleas will jump from a dog to their owner. Flea bites are extremely uncomfortable, causing a red, swelling spot that can itch for up to two weeks. This itching usually occurs regardless of whether or not you are allergic to fleas. If you are allergic to fleas, the bite can be significantly worse and require doctor attention to resolve.

If you find you have a problem with dog fleasin your home,you should make certain that you goody your pets with either Front Line, Advantage or other anti-flea medications. These medications are extremely useful, as they not only protect your dog against bites, they also help killing off the flea populations in your home.

There are many ways to remove dog fleas from your home if you find yourself facing an infestation. Anti-flea medications on your pet can lower the number of fleas significantly, but this method can take several months to be completed. If you need faster results, you can use flea bombs or flea foggers. These potent, toxic tools can quickly kill a population of fleas in any room if they are used correctly. To be effective, the room has to be completely sealed off, with air vents being covered and airways surrounding doors and windows being sealed. This can take up to five hours do for each room, depending on how much furniture needs to be protected and how open the chamber is.

Dog fleas can also be repelled through use of natural products, such as Citronella, Lemongrass and Cedar. If applied properly, they can form a repellant barrier to prevent fleas from getting in. If you use these in conjunction with flea bombs, you can effectively remove surviving fleas from a home.

However, flea control requires long term care. After all living fleas have been removed, it can take over two years to ensure that every last egg left behind has died.

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