How To Provide A Relaxing Home For Your Dog

September 15, 2010

in Cat Health

We have so much to learn from our pets. They look after us, care for us and bring a smile to our face when we are sad. No matter what we do they stand by and love us unconditionally. We need to be aware of and give them the respect and care too. Their needs are not much. Just a little nutritious food, liquids, plenty of space to run and exercise and a pat on the back and attention is all that they seek.

Your pets too need a comfortable place to sleep and rest just like you do. They also need plenty of room to run around the entire backyard and front yard too. They love sleeping under the tree or in their doghouse. The doghouse that you provide should be insulated so that they feel cool during summer and warm during winters.

If you have allowed them to sleep in your bed or on your sofa, you may want to get a warm couch for them too and place it in your bedroom or your living room.

Your dog will love having his own doghouse and it is easy to make. All you need is some wood, aluminum stripes and paint. In a few hours time you can have the doghouse ready and painted. Make one that can be used both indoors as well as outdoors and make sure that the dog is able to push open the door from both the sides. Fit in a nice warm bed with soft cushion and he will love his place.

The more you spend time planning the doghouse drawing the better doghouse you will make. It should be spacious at the same time cozy. It should be easy to clean and be warm and clean inside. Paint the inside well so that bugs and unwanted pests do not get into the doghouse.

Use the latest kind of orthopedic foam mat with a nice soft cover so that it is firm and yet supports the dogs body shape and fits the shape. Your dog can really have a comfortable and relaxing snooze all the time. An igloo shaped doghouse with a door that opens on two sides can be a ideal design.

Give your pet the gift of the new doghouse and see how he falls in love with it instantly. Just like you enjoy and savor your own space in your bedroom, he will love his doghouse and besides he gets the chance to go and sleep whenever he wants to instead of trying to get into your bedroom.

Once you have given your dog a dog house watch him having fun with it and going every few minutes to snoop around and he will show you how happy he is with constant wagging of his tail without a stop. He is likely to be more disciplined and mellow with his own space and be more kind and loving too. You have just won his heart.

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