How To Raise A Kitten To Be Happy And Healthy

September 4, 2009

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Before you bring your new kitten home, you need to know how to raise a kitten so you understand what you can expect and to make the transition as smooth as possible for every member of the household.

Your kitten will probably be about 6 to 8 weeks of age when you bring it home, which is a good age to be separated from its litter mates. By then it will be fully weaned, eating solid food and have some idea about clean toileting habits. Kittens younger than 4 weeks may not thrive.

Always get your kitten from a reputable breeder or pet store and make sure it has had all its necessary inoculations. Check local government regulations regarding registration. Take your kitten to your own veterinarian to have a complete health check and find out what other vaccinations and health care is needed.

You need to be properly prepared in advance and have what you need for the kitten. You will need a litter tray and a supply of litter, food and water bowls, kitten food, a bed and some toys. Cats are naturally clean animals, and your kitten should learn to use the litter tray quickly. A cat won’t use a dirty tray, so make sure the litter is changed regularly. The litter tray needs to be in a quiet place, out of general traffic areas in the house.

Continue feeding the food the kitten is used to for a few weeks to help prevent stomach upsets which are sometimes caused by changing the diet suddenly. This also reduces the number of major changes happening to the kitten and helps it settle better. Be sure to feed at regular times, and let the kitten eat in peace, without interruption. Fresh water must be available all the time. Wash the food and water dishes every day.

You can buy all kinds of cat bedding and while a cat likes sleeping in a basket, a blanket or soft towels will do the job. Take the kitten to its bed after feeding and at night, and it will soon get the idea. Remember that a kitten is still a baby and needs to be able to sleep a lot in the first few weeks in your home.

You need to provide toys for your kitten for activity and to prevent boredom. Kittens love to play and without toys may well decide to play with something inappropriate. Make sure you have several play sessions with your kitten each day; this creates a bond between you. While there is a huge range of cat toys available, a ball of paper or a stuffed sock is just as much fun for the kitten.

A new kitten will generally settle quickly into their new home. Some discipline may be necessary if your kitten decides to sharpen its claws on the furniture or climb your curtains, but a firm “no” should be enough. Invest in a cat scratching post; claw sharpening is a cat’s natural instinct.

Know how to raise a kitten properly, and you will set up a lifelong relationship that you can both enjoy and appreciate.

Do you have a new kitten or cat? If you are a beginner to owning a feline, Cat Keepers is a great resource for information on how to raise a kitten for the first time. If you arent sure how to raise a cat we have everything you need to help get you started.

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