How To Stop Cat Behavior Problems With Other Cats In Home

October 16, 2010

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Cats are notoriously finicky creatures and when living together under the same roof, cat behavior problems in the home can become a major issue. In this article, I will discuss a couple of ways you can address these issues and bring some peace and normality back to your home.

If you have multiple cats in your home, you need to address the number of litter boxes you currently have. A lot of people think one litter box will suffice.

Unfortunately this isn’t true.

You need to have at least one more litter box than you have cats.

Yes that sounds like a lot of litter boxes if you have more than a couple of cats but you need to do this. Cats don’t have the luxury of flushing their toilet like we do and don’t fancy having to step into their litter when another cat has just used it.

Your cat will likely abandon the litter box as a protest and end up peeing on your bed or carpet. Then the issue gets even worse because the other cats will be attracted to the smell of pee and go in the same spot.

You can nip this problem in the bud early by making sure you have enough litter boxes for your cats.

The second issue that is important to be aware of is stress. Even though cats are generally solitary in nature, they still crave our attention. As any cat owner will tell you however, your cat will be the one to decide when and where he gets this affection.

In a multi-cat household, your cat is likely to feel jealous and anxious having to compete for your attention with the other cats. You need to make sure you have a time set aside every day for each cat to avoid any of them feeling left out.

A couple of years ago, my wife and I had a major problem on our hands when one of our cats started peeing in the corner of our bedroom. The damages were extensive and costly as the cat pee ruined both our floor AND the neighbor’s ceiling below us.

We spent many hours poring over websites looking for solutions to our cat peeing everywhere and weren’t happy with what we found.

We decided to put together the best information we could find and also talked to many veterinarians around the world and asked for their advice on how to make it stop.

We have all of the results of our research now at along with many articles on how to stop your cat peeing everywhere before it’s too late.

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