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February 25, 2010

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Most cats are easy to train but there are some that are just not open to the idea of keeping in line with the rules you impose in your own house. There is always one cat that will refuse to follow anything you train him or her to do. If this is your situation, you have a big hurdle ahead of you. But if you know how to train a cat properly, you will be fine.

You may know cats to be stubborn, but you should also be aware that they have certain standards when it comes to where they do their business. It has to be in a certain place that they like. A little box is one example. If you train your cat to use the litter box at an early age, you will have no problem with the cat eliminating its waste anywhere else.

It is your main duty to keep the litter box clean because apart from being particular about where they do their business, cats are also particular about the cleanliness of the place where they do it. If the box is already full or does not smell so nice, your cat will look for another place where he or she can eliminate their waste. This is why you will find waste in the couch, your laundry, or any other part of your house that is not the full and dirty litter box. Once this habit is formed, you will a have hard time re-training your cat to use the litter box.

Making your cat learn that the litter box is for waste is very easy. You can do this while it’s still a kitten. By keeping it in the kennel all night and placing it right away in the litter box in the morning is one way. Putting the kitten in the box right after eating, drinking, or napping is another. If you see the kitten looking for a place where it can move waste, put it in the litter box at once.

You may use rewards, praises, and affection to train dogs but they will not work on your cat. Cats need more than just praises and affection. They have to be repeatedly and consistently taught about the rules.

So if you leave your cat in a room while you’re gone and it still misses the litter box, you need to show him what the litter box is for – all over again. Scoop the waste and place it in the box. You need to show this to your cat. Eventually, he will learn to associate his waste with the box.

For help in training your cat, you can always buy training aids from nearby stores or online. They will surely help you go about training your cat.

But do not rely heavily on these tools. Your loving guidance should be the number one tool in training your cat. You have to do it consistently, patiently, and lovingly. Eventually, your cat will follow what you ask of him to do. If this happens, your training is successful.

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