I Get Dog Allergies – May I Still Keep A Pet?

February 1, 2010

in Cat Health

There are so many triggers for allergies, and allergens are all around us. Some are related to dust and pollen, and other triggers can be from pets. Do you know what you’re actually allergic to? Here are some of the allergy symptoms caused by animals.

You will realize that you have an allergy to dogs or cats because when you get near them, you’ll star to experience nasal congestion as well a runny nose. The symptoms are quite similar to viral symptoms such as the flu, but with the flu, the symptoms persists for about a week but with allergies, they disappear rather rapidly.

You might also develop itchy eyes if you pat a dog and touch your eyes after. To prevent this from happening, always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after play with any pets. Irrespective of popular belief, it isn’t the dog or cat’s hairs that cause our immune system’s to be trigger, it is in fact the dander of the creature.

Dander is similar to pollen, and they are microscopic. They can only be seen under a microscopic lens, that’s why most people don’t recognize that they’ve been in contact with these particles of skin until it’s too late!

If one of your family members owns a pet, you might want to ask him or her to retrain the pet and not allow it to climb on the household furniture. Also, make sure you clean the house frequently as well as steam clean the carpets on a regular basis to reduce the severity of allergic reactions.

Does this mean that allergy sufferers cannot own a dog or a cat? No, in fact, they can. If you decide that you really want to have a pet at home, you will need to select specific breeds of dogs or cats that are hypoallergenic – yes there is really such a thing. The Maltese and Australian Terrier are just 2 examples of hypoallergenic dogs.

Another thing you can do to ensure you can coexist with your pet without suffering is to get yourself an air purifier for your home.

If your allergies are particularly serious, you might need to spend a fair amount of money to set up an air purifier for your house to be certain that the air is clear of pet dander.

And if you’re searching to get a fix for allergies and also to cleanse the air around your home, here is more specifics in relation to whole house air filters in addition to other good manufacturers of allergy air purifiers.

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