Ideas To Promote Your Puppy’s Health Condition

October 2, 2010

in Cat Health

Though puppies may need a little more extra food, it is always recommended that you feed them the stated amount as shown on the label. This will protect them from been underfed and overfed.

If you stick with still feeding them more than they really should then you must exercise them more to prevent them from being overweight and avoid sicknesses like heart problems, respiratory and muscular problems.

Feeding puppies the right amount of food is the best way to go. This prevents obesity and all its related problems. The best trick is to increase their food as they grow lean and are underfed for at two weeks to help them increase their weight levels. Maintain the food quantity when they reach a desirable and healthy level. Likewise reduce their food as they become obese until they reach a normal level.

Try to exercise them some more to build up their immune systems. A healthy puppy will mostly be disease free and fit. It will not catch common sicknesses from its playmates.

The temperature of the dog must be taken at least two to three times a week. Their temperatures must be checked so that they don’t go below or above the normal allowed which is 99.5 to 102.5 degrees. It is normally good to do this when their weight level is been maintained.

The first you check the puppies temperature you can see the vet to show you the proper way to do this. The next time when you are doing it yourself you have to insert the thermometer into the rectal of the dog. Petroleum jelly and mineral oil must be applied on it.

Three minutes later take the thermometer out and check the recorded temperature. If it exceeds the normal allowed temperature you have to report it to the vet.

An oral thermometer can throw the readings off when it is made to do the job of the rectal thermometer.

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