If You Have A Cat, You Need Cat Furniture

January 13, 2010

in Cats

Do you have a cat that is full of energy and bounds around the house, climbing the curtains, the window screens, and getting into everything? If this sounds like your cat, you definitely need to provide your cat with his own cat furniture. You can get some furniture for cats that are made specifically for a cat’s instincts and nature in climbing and scratching.

What exactly is cat furniture and why does a cat need furniture anyway? There are a lot of people probably wondering this, especially if they are not cat owners. If you do own a cat, then you know very well that giving your cat his own place to climb and scratch is the best way to keep him happy and off the people furniture.

One popular kind of furniture for cats is a cat tree. These are constructed with fun and excitement in mind while at the same time providing a perch for your cat to relax on. You will have many styles and colors to choose from. If you would like to design your own, you can do that as well and some companies will build it for you.

One other kind of furniture for cats is a cat condo. These are constructed in a way that your cat will have a lot of cubby holes and hiding places to get into. A cat condo also comes in many kinds of designs and colors. If you would like, you could always design your own condo and have someone build it for you.

One vital piece of cat furniture is a window perch. You will always need to make sure that your cat has a view of the outdoors. This is actually an indoor cat’s favorite thing to do and provides a lot of enjoyment for a cat who doesn’t get outdoors very much. Watching the wildlife out of the window is a great way for indoor cats to pass the time.

Keeping a cat indoors all the time is not healthy. You could have a large cage that has a cat tree inside it for your cat’s outdoor time. If he is in the cage, you won’t have to worry about other animals bothering your cat and you won’t have to worry about your cat getting away either. You will be able to let your cat have a great time outdoors and you better believe your cat will certainly love it.

If you are on a budget and find that some of the advertised cat furniture you have seen is too expensive, why not construct your own cat tree from wood and logs? You could build a version for a lot less than you could buy one for, saving enough money to add plenty of toys and some carpet samples for perches to lie on.

Make the time to shop around pet stores and have a look at some of the furniture out there available for your pet cat. You will be giving your cat one of the greatest gifts you could ever give him.

Even when a cat gets on in years, you will still be able to watch him play, provided that you have the right cat toys and the right cat furniture for example cat perches .

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