If You Have A Cat, You Need Cat Furniture

January 13, 2010

in Cats

Do you have a cat that is full of energy and bounds around the house, climbing the curtains, the window screens, and getting into everything? If this sounds like your cat, you definitely need to provide your cat with his own cat furniture. You can get some furniture for cats that are made specifically for a cat’s instincts and nature in climbing and scratching.

When a lot of people hear the term cat furniture, they probably don’t have a clue what kind of furniture would be for a cat. If you own a cat, you need to make sure to have some of this kind of furniture because it provides exercise, a place to hide and sleep, a place to get up high and relax, and it will provide an aversion to your cat using your furniture.

A cat tree is one of the neatest kinds of cat furniture in that it will look cool in your house. Your cat will absolutely love climbing into a cat tree. You can get then in all kinds if colors and with all kinds of toys attached as well. These are thickly carpeted and are excellent for claw scratching and for a soft place to lie and rest from all that hard playing.

Condos are some of the coolest and most inviting of all the kinds of cat furniture. These are made with a cat’s instincts in mind. There are cubby holes for a cat to hide in and sleep while there are all kinds of climbing equipment. All this is usually covered in a thick carpet that is perfect for comfort and for a cat to be able to scratch his claws on. These condos also come complete with attached toys as well.

One vital piece of cat furniture is a window perch. You will always need to make sure that your cat has a view of the outdoors. This is actually an indoor cat’s favorite thing to do and provides a lot of enjoyment for a cat who doesn’t get outdoors very much. Watching the wildlife out of the window is a great way for indoor cats to pass the time.

If your cat stays indoors all the time, you might think about getting a large cage with a kitty tree and perches built inside it for some outdoor time and fresh air. This way your cat would be protected from the neighbor’s dog and he won’t go missing. Keeping a cat indoors all the time without a little outdoor exposure is extremely unhealthy.

You can build your own furniture for your cat if you would like. You could have a great time doing it and you will be able to save a lot of money. By building your on cat tree or condo, you will be able to customize all the little things for your cat that you know he will enjoy immensely.

Make the time to shop around pet stores and have a look at some of the furniture out there available for your pet cat. You will be giving your cat one of the greatest gifts you could ever give him.

Even when a cat gets on in years, you will still be able to watch him play, provided that you have the right cat toys and the right cat furniture for example cat perches .

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