Infection In Bladder Of Dogs – Stop The Pain With Natural Treatments For Canine Bladder Illness

March 10, 2019

in Cat Health

You can find non-prescription, natural remedies for treating an infection in bladder of dogs. If your dog is suffering terribly from the pain of a canine bladder blockage then this weighs heavy on your heart. Though bladder problems in dogs be terribly uncomfortable, there are safe, gentle options for treatment him which mediate the pain and your dog’s overall health.

Crystals or stones can build up easily in the urinary tract or in bladder of dogs. This leaves your dog vulnerable to recurring bladder problems. The first step in treating crystals in your dog’s bladder is understanding what causes them.

Canine struvite crystals occur frequently in dogs and they are usually caused by urinary tract infection. On the other hand, canine oxalate bladder stones are caused by a build up of calcium in the blood stream.

No matter which kind of stones your dog experiences, your dog is going through considerable pain and discomfort. If you need to know how to treat crystals in bladder of dogs without further exacerbating the problem, then the answer is homeopathic remedies. Using a special blend of plant based ingredients, these all natural products can help to ease symptoms and strengthen the immune system to improve overall health.

To be effective, homeopathic remedies must be part of a healthy daily routine. Feeding your dog a special diet low in certain minerals and proteins can help to balance pH levels in urine and encourage stones to dissolve naturally, avoiding the necessity for surgery.

Along with a proper diet, free of additives and preservatives, one answer as to treating crystals in bladder of dogs is by ensuring he is well hydrated. Your dog needs reliable access to a clean water source. Water is vital to flushing the toxins out of your dogs system. Exercise is also extremely important as it helps to keep the entire body functioning properly. So too is proper hygiene since regular bathing and brushing can stop the spread of bacteria.

The other step in treating crystals in dog bladder is to make sure your dog urinates regularly. Holding it in can cause serious urinary tract damage, so you should always heed the signs that your dog needs to go out. The more vigilant you are about this, the less of a chance there is that your dog will develop crystals or other urinary tract problems.

Let’s wrap this up. Natural remedies are made from 100% natural ingredients. These products can work to alleviate pain without subjecting your dog to harsh side effects of prescription level drugs. Another not-so-well-know feature of natural ingredients is that they have antiseptic and antibacterial properties which help to soothe and protect your dog’s urinary tract.

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