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December 3, 2009

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Persian cats have always been regarded as rather regal and grand cats. Pedigree Persian cats are big in body structure and have powerful legs and punched faces with stocky bodies. These cats seem to be a magnet for affection for those fond of cats and sometimes even for those who are not.

The Persian cats are again categorized into sub families because they are liable to have certain differences in their features. If you look minutely you will not only discover that the color of their coats is dissimilar but there are other differences too. When it comes to Chinchilla breed it has certain individual characteristics that separate them from the rest.

In’08 with the Chinchilla Cat Club established, the cats started being exported to the United States. To actually understand and value a Chinchilla Persian cat you need to make sure its a pure-bred cat, and to distinguish whether it surely is a Chinchilla Persian cat or not is to observe the color of its coat since that is the basis on which Persian cats are categorized. The extent of colored hair can vary. For instance a Persian with a black coat, the color would be on only about 1/7th of the hair.

To describe a chinchilla cat you will always find that they have an undercoat of compltely white hair and the hair on head, tail back and flanks is black on the tips due to which they seem as if they have a silver coat. These cats have pure white ear tuffs, chin, chest and stomach whereas their legs have a sprinkling of black.

Theses cats get a fascinating appearance with their dark rimmed eyes which seem as if they are wearing eye makeup. The nose and lips also have black outlines.

Then there is the Silver Shaded, which has more of a variety in the tips of its colored coat. The colors can fascinatingly vary from lilac and blue to chocolate. This makes the Silver Shading have more shadows in its coat as compared to the Chinchilla. You can imagine the wonderful shadowy effect the coat would give off.

There are some cats which have variety of shades in their underlying coat which is completely wonderful and a treat for the eyes and they are aptly called Golden Shaded. Also there is a breed called Cameo Persian with few red tips on their coat.

All these cats are known for their beautiful dark rimmed eyes, nose and mouth, except for the Golden shaded whose eyes and nose is outlined in brown in place of black. The eye color of these cats is mainly supposed to be green or blue-green. This established characteristic in all Chinchilla, Golden Shaded, Silver Shaded and Cameo Persian cats helps to differentiate the pedigree because a pure-bred cats eye color will be either green or blue-green.

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