Interesting Facts On The Things To Know Before Buying A Kitten

May 19, 2010

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Having a cat can be a much easier choice than owning a dog. That is because cats can be lower to maintain than other pets. They are great with all family members and make a great addition to any home. Things to know before buying a kitten can involve many aspects and need to be carefully considered before you bring one home.

Kittens can come from may different places. You might find an ad that is posted on the internet or in a newspaper. There might be a posting put up in a store or a pet shop or you could try calling up a cat breeder. It is crucial to ensure that the place you purchase your cat from is reputable and clean.

If you can, try to get some kind of health warranty with your new pet. That way if it gets sick while it is young, the place you bought it from should pay for the vet bill or take the kitten back. That can be a key feature for anyone who gets stuck with a sick cat. Vet bills can be high and might not be something you want to pay if your new kitten gets sick within a few days of bringing it home.

You might want to check into pet insurance before you even bring a cat home. Pet insurance allows you to pay a certain dollar amount a month, and then depending on the package you choose, it will pay for any vet costs that may arise. You could go several years without a complaint and then one day need a really expensive pet bill to be paid, and that is where an insurance policy would come in handy.

Pets are a long term decision. That is why if you know that your career is going to be changing or if you wonder if in the future you will have room or space for a kitten, then you might want to reconsider. Cats can live a long time, so if you cannot handle the lifespan, you might want to think more about it.

Some cats like to scratch things in the home. They do this because it is an instinct they have and like to feel the pull of their nails. To reduce damage to your things, you can try buying some scratching posts. They can give your kitten what it needs. Leather furniture might not do well in a home with a cat, as it might look scratched and torn after a while.

You could call up a vet and ask them about the costs involved with bringing home a new cat. They will explain to you how their shot program works and how many of them your cat will need. And if you have them spayed or neutered, then that cost would be added to the total. The first year might be expensive for a new kitten owner. It helps if you have access to some cheap kitten supplies. If you can locate a place that sells kitten items for less, then you will have more money for the vet bills.

There is lots to be advised about owning a cat as a pet. Luckily, there are more perks than cons, to having one. Things to know before buying a kitten can range from simple ideas to expensive thoughts on vet trips. Ask around to the people who may know who have pets for a better understanding of them.

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