Is She A Bitch Or A Lady?

April 1, 2010

in Cat Health

So you may wonder, what is in a dog’s name? Just what does it matter what your female dog’s name is? The answer is a fair bit, because your bitch’s name defines him or her in the eyes of your friends, especially if you have a small dog. What small dogs lack in stature they can make up for in attitude. For small dogs, being cute will get them everywhere. But what is a cute dog without a cute dog name?

Cute dog names are really meant for female dogs or bitches. Abby, for example is a very cute dog name. When you match with a mental image, you probably see a little Westie or a Labrador pup romping around on a lawn in your mind’s eye. Other cute female dog names are Queenie, Beauty, Becky and Blackie. All of these cute dog names seem to embody a bundle of fur that has a sweet nature and just loves cuddles. They all speak of a cute appearance and a very happy dog owning experience.

However, there appears to be very few cute dog names available for male dogs. This may be because it lessens the masculine image that male dogs should have. Still, there are a few cute male dog names out there. Bobby, (Old) Nick, Patch and Tigger are all cute male dog names that have the same effect as the female ones do. However, you do have to make sure that you have the right kind of male dog to name with a cute dog name, because if you get it wrong, it will make him sound silly.

Cute dog names can be very appropriate for male and female members alike of certain breeds and can help to develop a lovable personality, because of the affection it will be shown. But be warned, you do not want to leave your dog open to ridicule so choose when to use cute dog names very carefully.

Whilst dogs are very intelligent creatures, they cannot process the same amount of information that humans can. Therefore, dog names should never be more than two syllables. If they are more than that, it is very rare that a dog will actually respond. Max, Sam, Lady, Molly and the like are excellent dog names because they are short and the syllables are hard. They easily respond to those dog names and it can improve your chances of training them successfully.

Moreover, dogs names should assist them form a character of their own. Common names do not encourage them to do that, so finding a simple but unusual name can help their characters a great deal without damaging their ability to respond to a command.

I am quite willing to bet money that most pet owners do not think of the factors outlined above when thinking of dog names for a new pet. Instead, dog names are chosen at random, but it is worth putting a bit more thought into it, for your dogs sake if nothing else.

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