Is Your Cat Eating Safe Cat Food?

December 13, 2014

in Cats

With all of the cat foods that have been recalled, you’re probably wondering if your cat food is a safe cat food. While some cat food on the market today is safe the majority of the cat food actually does your cat more harm then good.

Most of the cat foods that we feed our cats have no nutritional value at all. What is wore is that you might unknowingly be posioning your cat. Posioned cats and dogs from the pound is one of the many cat food ingredients you might find in your felines food.

The first thing to think about is that your cat is not supposed to eat other cats. The second problem is that the posion that is used to put down the animals could still be in active form in your cats food. The posion does not cook out of the pound animals even in hogh tempertures.

As if using poisioned animals was not enough, any thing connected to the animals is also used. This can range from hair and teeth to metal id tags to flea collars. Road kill is another meat source that is used in cat food.

When they process meat at processing plant any parts of the cow that are not edible for humans goes in a big barrel. This includes any parts of meat with puss, cancer, or other disease’s.

So that leaves us with dead, dying, or diseased animals for the meat source and the meat by products are even worse. It’s no wonder that most cats don’t even live half of their natural life expectancy.

The more I looked into the ingredients of store bought cat food the more appalled I became, to the point that I did not even want to touch my cats food to feed it to him.

In order to give your cat a safe diet that will allow him to get the nutrition he needs to grow strong and healthy a combination of homemade cat food and safe commercial cat food is recommended.

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