Is Your Normally Healthy Pet in Pain?

November 8, 2009

in Cats

You just brought home a happy and healthy pet. They look great. There are no clues that would indicate any problems. You can’t tell that anything is wrong. However, take a moment to pause and consider some things that are common to most animals.

Since the beginning of time, most animals have been programmed to do whatever it takes to live with pain without making it obvious. The reason is obvious – other animals looking for food might make them their next meal if they sense they are weak or injured (easy to catch and kill). Given this, even your pampered indoor puppy might be hurting and not inclined to show it. You have to keep a close eye on your pets.

Watch how your pet acts and behaves. There are numerous indicators that their health isn’t what it should be. Since they are used to, and for the most part, quietly dealing with pain they will in fact make an effort to conceal or minimize the effects of any pain they feel.

If your pet shows abnormal chewing habits, he may have a dental disorder or a mouth tumor. Additional signs include weight loss, bad breath, or excessive face rubbing. A loss or thinning of hair could be another sign of internal distress. A normal, healthy pet should not show any of these signs.

Routine dental checkups are important to treat dental disorders and related mouth pain. Most pet owners neglect their pet’s teeth, but doing so can cause your pet to experience unnecessary pain, especially as they get older.

Your pet’s good health will be, in part, a direct result of their diet and exercise habits. Animals who gain too much weight, just like people, are at increased risk for medical problems. You have to watch your pet to see what is happening. If they have become sluggish and reluctant to exercise or play, this could be because of arthritis or another joint disease. These conditions produce a lot of pain, and may cause your pet to become far less active and unhealthy.

Losing unnecessary pounds will help your overweight pet decrease pressure of sore joints and reduce pain. Many excellent reduced fat or low calorie pet foods are made to assist with this.

Your pet might not whimper, moan, or otherwise signal that they are in pain. Watch them and carefully observe their normal behavior. Then, when you see changes in their routine that are unexplained, you can assist your vet in figuring out what the problem might be. Anytime you see obvious changes in the way your pet behaves or goes about its daily routine, get in touch with a good animal doctor and have them examined as soon as you can. Having a healthy pet is one of the great joys of life – do everything you can to help them stay in good shape.

Find out how to maintain and enjoy your pets. Information and help for pampering and keeping your pet content. It goes without saying – a healthy pet is one of the superb joys of life!

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