Japanese Art Expression of Japanese Skills

March 8, 2010

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Japanese people are proud of their art history of centuries which has been varnished adopting the foreign styles and incorporating the conventional methods with modern trends. The magnificence of the Japanese art and the creativity of the Japanese people are obvious in various art works that they have presented to the world.

Their craftsmanship has been marked in every forms of art such as paintings, sculptures and pottery. Origami and Ikebana, The first one as their own art of designing by folding some papers and the second one as Japanese method of flower arrangement, have no match in the art world. The Japanese tattoo symbols need no description.

As stated by the studies and excavations, painting is the oldest invented form of Japanese art. The inherited skilfulness and the adopted foreign influences have provided different styles to the Japanese paintings. They have developed their own technique of painting from all of these things.

Japanese art forms had different influences during changing times. The Nara period for instance is known for beautiful murals. These could be found on temple walls and other places of worship. The Chinese effect is quite obvious in the traditional Japanese art of that time.

Non-presentational art forms also have an prominent position in the Japanese art. Ink paintings also are worthy of attention. Numerous black and white landscape painting are found in Japan.

Japanese ceramics also accomplished a worldwide applause. The Buddhist ages had an stimulating effect on the art of sculpture and it has been modified a lot due to the establishment of different types of clay, wood and metals.

In the more recent years sculptures turned to be a prominent characteristic of Japanese art. Even today we find many outdoor sculptures in the different cities of Japan especially in parks where they are used as part of the landscape design. The Japanese also used natural materials for the purpose of creating sculptures.

Some art forms that are widely accepted today merely belong to Japan. The art of Bonsai or the miniature planting and Origami are among them. Ikebana also is the invention of Japanese artistic sense.

Ukiyo-e, Japanese type of wood block painting is another traditional art from Japan. Japanese art of tea preparation and serving is a famous folklore in the name of Japanese tea ceremony. Japanese martial arts like Karate and Judo require no explanation. Japanese people have proved that poetry also will yield to them.

Ancient Japanese art is a discipline with diverse fileds of specialization. To read more about traditional Japanese Samurai art please click on the link.

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