Keep Your Cats Warm With Cat Radiator Beds

March 17, 2010

in Cats

Keeping your cats warm with cat radiator beds will keep them happy, as well. There are lots of ways to keep them warm, but this will probably be a favorite.

Cats do not like the rain, although sometimes they have no choice in the matter. If you have left them out, then you went to the market, and they are left out there, they will survive. But they will look for a place that is dry and warm. They may find a warm pile of hay in a barn to keep comfortable in. Or they may find an opening to go under the house. They would just prefer to stay warm, and, in fact, hot is even better.

These radiator beds hang over the radiators in your home. Some are made to fit over flat style radiators and others are great for the ribbed kind. And the way they fit can be adjusted to the size of the heater or to the size of the kitty.

They are usually made of either plush or other fabric that your kitten will adore. It is removable from the actual bed frame, sometimes with a zipper underneath, and it is washable. The plush is generally short, so that it does not gather a lot of fur and dander. And they come in a variety of different colors, as well. They come in some sorted shapes, such as a kind of cradle, or a plain flat surface. Either way, your animal snuggles in and keeps warm in it.

And your bigger cat can enjoy this comfort, too. It is sturdy enough for him, so that when he jumps on it, it will stay put for him. He needs a comfy place, too, after all. These beds are not just for the small cat.

And if you do not have a radiator, do not worry. There are other pet beds that do the trick nicely. The infrared heating bed plugs into the wall and heats up, so that you can just place a soft fabric over it and you have a heated bed for the kitty. Or he can warm up a self-heating pad all by himself. It heats up with the animal body temperature.

The heated beds that are usually found in kennels or catteries are also great for the home. You do need to place a fabric over them, as well. The element for heating the bed stays at certain temperatures, and it is waterproof, but do not submerge this item into water. Also, you can give your pet a treat with the microwave pet bed. Just put it into the microwave for a few minutes, and you have a bed that will stay heated for about twelve hours. And they come with a fleece covering.

So, you can see that there are many ways to keep the cat warm. He probably prefers your lap or to snuggle up in your arms. But if you buy him a radiator bed, he may just get used to that as his favorite spot. Cat radiator beds can be a cats best friend.

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