Keep Your Dog Healthy With These Grooming Tips

August 6, 2010

in Cat Health

There is a fallacy that people who own short haired dogs do not need to groom them. Let me put you straight right now people with short haired dogs will need to still groom them properly. This means bathing and brushing them.

Not only does brushing your dogs coat prevent it from shedding all over the place but it also gives it that nice glossy look.

Many dogs will suffer from their skin drying out in warm conditions but by brushing the dog’s hair you can actually stimulate the skin oils which can help to give the dogs coat a glossy and healthier appearance to it.

It is recommended that you bathe your dog regularly as bathing them infrequently can also dry out the skin and this can cause problems for the dog. If the skin dries out too much they will get flaky skin which can lead to not only hair loss but also to infections.

Another way to keep your dog healthy and fit is too give them a proper well balanced diet. The commercial dry dog food that you can buy often contains enough nutrients to keep your dog healthy and happy. If you wish you could also get your vet to make sure that your dog is getting enough healthy vitamins from its food.

Dogs also need their claws trimming regularly too as part of the grooming ritual. This is not just to make the dog look nice though, this is because if the claws grow too long they could eventually embed themselves into the dog’s skin which can lead to some very serious infections of the foot and could be very painful for your dog.

Yet there are still dog owners that do not want to burden themselves with grooming as they do not think that they have the time to do it. They also do not have the time to have the dog professionally groomed.

Grooming your dog takes less time than you think and is the responsibility of every good dog owner. Not grooming your dog will probably lead to your dog needing more treatment and may inevitably end up with more visits to the vet which will take up more of your precious time and money.

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