Keep Your Floors Clean With Cat Litter Mats

September 3, 2009

in Cats

“Oh no! Not again!” Is that your reaction when your dear little pet cat tracks dirt from the litter box onto your spotless floor? I suppose that must be it, and countless times you must have said it too. Not only does the litter affect the cleanliness of the house in general, it can actually damage your precious floor coverings and flooring.

Extra dirt all over the house means cleaning and scrubbing more frequently. That’s not all. Expensive carpets, rugs, and upholstery need the services of a professional to get them cleaned properly and gently. That’s expensive! Although the professional cleaning job is gentle, it still subtracts years of life from the article that’s cleaned. This means that you will have to replace worn out articles sooner than normal. More expense! If you’re in this situation, think ‘cat litter mat’ and see your problems vanish!

The cat litter mat is for cats what a doormat is for people. Placed just before the litter box, the cat litter mat wipes the litter from the paws of your pet as it steps daintily out of the litter box. The cat litter mat is fabricated from specially prepared textured rubber. The textured surface catches the litter particles from your pet’s paws. Thus, the cat litter mat saves your precious upholstery and flooring, and by localizing the spread of litter, makes house-cleaning so much easier than before.

Your cat benefits too. It does not have to clean its paws so often. This prevents or restricts debris of the litter from getting ingested by the cat.

The ready made cat litter mats are quite affordable. Even so, you can try your hand at making one for your dear pet, if you want to give it that personal touch! Just take a rubbet bathmat and lay it over with an old Turkish towel or similar stuff. The Turkish towel is soft and won’t hurt the cat’s paws. The pile on the towel will trap the litter particles and keep your pet’s paws clean. Clean or replace the toweling before it gets heavily soiled.

Whichever way, home-made or commercial, a cat litter mat is the perfect solution to controlling the problem of your cat tracking litter throughout the house.Your house will be cleaner. Your flooring, floor coverings, and even furniture and bedding are safe from getting dirty and damaged.

Now you won’t mind your pet jumping onto the bed linen, because you know its paws are free from litter. Your family’s health will improve too. A clean house means a healthy house. So get a cat litter mat for your pet and see all your worries disappear!

To learn additional information about the cat litter mat visit You’ll also read about other products like the automatic cat litter box that can allow you to spend extra time enjoying your cat and less time cleaning up its mess.

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