Keep Your Floors Clean With Cat Litter Mats

September 14, 2018

in Cats

Every cat owner must face the problem of dirty floors especially around the cat’s litter box. The cat’s litter box is a necessary evil as it is. Added to that is the problem of having the cat track dirt over your clean floors every time it uses the litter box. Dirt apart, the flooring and floor coverings also take a beating from the dirt. Expensively done parquet floors can get damaged from the litter particles that are tracked onto it. Rare carpets can get damaged likewise.

If your playful pet jumps on to the furniture then you’ve had it. It is very hard to get the litter out of deep pile cushions and upholstery. Cleaning upholstery requires the services of a professional upholstery cleaning service, an expensive affair. Either that or you lose the upholstery entirely! One way to solve this problem is to use cat litter mats.

The cat litter mat is a textured rubber mat that is placed just outside the cat’s litter box. Make sure that it is positioned just where the cat lands when it leaves the litter box! The textured surface is designed to catch the litter particles from the cat’s paws. This means all the litter remains in the cat litter mat, and that means a clean house, no more soiled clothes, upholstery, bedding, whatever. The flooring, the floor covering, the upholstery and furniture are protected from damage.

The cat litter mat makes sure that the cat’s paws are free of litter debris. So when your cat does lick its paws, there’s no way that it can ingest litter particles. This means that the cat is free from health hazards associated with ingesting litter particles. All this means a healthier pet. In fact everything is cleaner, brighter, better than before – from the flooring to the furniture to the bedclothes.

The ready made cat litter mats are quite affordable. Even so, you can try your hand at making one for your dear pet, if you want to give it that personal touch! Just take a rubbet bathmat and lay it over with an old Turkish towel or similar stuff. The Turkish towel is soft and won’t hurt the cat’s paws. The pile on the towel will trap the litter particles and keep your pet’s paws clean. Clean or replace the toweling before it gets heavily soiled.

A cat litter mat, home-made or ready made, is an ideal way to keep the floor free of dirt from the litter box. The whole house benefits from this. The house is cleaner, fresher, healthier. The flooring and floor coverings don’t get damaged. You save money by avoiding repeated visits by professional cleaners. You save money by not having to replace your expensive upholstery, carpets and flooring. You save a lot of time and effort by not having to clean up ever so often.

Now you won’t mind your pet jumping onto the bed linen, because you know its paws are free from litter. Your family’s health will improve too. A clean house means a healthy house. So get a cat litter mat for your pet and see all your worries disappear!

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