Keep Your Pet Away From Unclean Grout

March 22, 2016

in Cat Health

Prevent this from happening to your faithful companion, as it happened to Rover.

Just a few weeks back, my pet dog, Rover, was stricken with black mold poisoning. As it happened, my household had a black mold infestation; black mold is a hazardous fungus that poisons the lungs when inhaled as it is airborne. This was a shock to me, as I took careful pride in maintaining a clean household.

I went online to research on black mold and found out some interesting things about it. What got my attention in particular was the mold’s preference for breeding in moist areas. Armed with this information, I figured out where the black mold could’ve been growing and tracked it down.

It’s funny how I didn’t notice it before; but for all my cleaning, I have always neglected the grout in between my kitchen tiles! I always thought that it was rather insignificant; it doesn’t take too much space, after all. But apparently, grout is especially susceptible to becoming a breeding ground for black mold, thus making it necessary to clean it.

Before I bring Rover home, I realized I needed to free my house from black mold. I initially thought I could just as well do it myself, but then I read that scrubbing black mold from grout may result in more mold going airborne. I had no intention of ending up like Rover, so I searched around for another way.

In the end, I decided to go ahead and hire professional grout cleaners; for a reasonable fee, they were able to get rid of my black mold problem. They also recommended a few ways to prevent the black mold from reappearing on my grout! With this preventive measure, I will only need to call them up twice a year at most. Rover still needs an operation, but when he’s well enough to come home, he’ll be living in a home free of dirty grout.

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